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Get Started

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First Steps

  1. Create your Feast for the Future account.
  2. Use the Does Feast for the Future Fit Your Community page to help you answer questions to identify the right programs for your community.
  3. Read the Implementation Guide to learn more about the process of starting a Feast for the Future program.
  4. Establish a Community Advisory Board to help guide the development of Feast for the Future in your community.

Our Programs

Below are each of the Feast for the Future programs. Your community may choose to establish some or all of these programs. Explore the programs below, and then use the interactive guides to create the programs in your own community.

How the Interactive Guides Work

All guides include two helpful tools:

  1. A downloadable example guide
  2. An interactive guide to help develop the program for your community

The guides are written as a series of how-to steps to help in planning, doing, and evaluating each program. They are designed for the Community Advisory Boards and partners to complete.

Download the example guide first, and then use it to help you through the interactive guides. Examples are included throughout the guides, but feel free to create different answers to best fit your needs – you know your community best!