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I think [the FFF program is] a whole new trend and change in our culture, because we’re having to go back to our past to really find out what we want in the future…It’s provided a whole new vision and a whole new goal...I’d like to see it everywhere.

 -Feast for the Future Community Advisory Board Member

Feast for the Future believes each community holds the key to empowering individuals and families to reconnect with their culture and their health. Our goal is to support these communities in mobilizing sustainable revitalization of traditional food systems and reducing rates of obesity and diabetes.

Youth and adult Feast for the Future program participants shared their thoughts through interviews and a PhotoVoice project:


Promoting Traditional Food Systems

Feast for the Future supports participants to take pride in their agricultural traditions.

The role that the farming creates in the community is that it’s in a sense who we are. It’s the center of what we believe in. It creates the sustenance. It creates the nutrients… the honor we create to practice our own culture.

-Feast for the Future Community Advisory Board Member


Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Feast for the Future programs support positive health behaviors.

I see the positive impacts [the FFF Program] makes, because it creates that belonging of our children and our community, and the connectiveness it has to the land, and to the environment. I see a lot more people taking note of what they eat and how they prepare their meals…That motivates not just our families but our children.

-Feast for the Future Community Advisory Board Member


Promoting Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing

In Feast for the Future, youth learn from their elders about cultural traditions and food systems.

I liked it because we got to hear it from their point of view. We got to hear how they used to do it in the old times.

-Feast for the Future youth participant


Promoting Cultural Connections

Feast for the Future builds on cultural traditions to support health.

To change diabetes and obesity, it goes back to going to the simple things in life we used to do, that our ancestors used to do…That’s growing our own food. These programs build that foundation and help us to remember where we came from and what we need to go back to do in order for us to change our future.

-Feast for the Future Community Advisory Board Member