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What We Do

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Woman teaching kids how to make traditional bread

Our Goals & Objectives

The overarching goal of the Feast for the Future program is to reduce the burden of obesity and obesity-related diseases among American Indian families. 

Our primary strategic objectives are to: 

1. Increase gardening and nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and practices; 

2. Increase sustainable practice of traditional farming and capacity building; and  

3. Increase access and availability of healthy foods. 


Based on the above objectives, six program components were developed and evaluated:

Edible School Garden Program 
A school-based program that teaches 3rd-5th graders the fundamentals of nutrition and gardening/farming, and meets the Common Core Standards set by the states of New Mexico and Arizona in Math, Reading, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. 

Traditional Foodways Education Program 
A program focused on traditional foodways that is primarily taught by elders and farmers in the community to youth aged 5-18, and emphasizes traditional language instruction. 

Community Gardens, Orchards, and Greenhouses
Community-appropriate places to develop traditional agricultural foodways, including gardens, orchards and greenhouses that are maintained in collaboration with local partners. 

Farmers Markets
Farmers markets developed, implemented, and sustained to increase access to local healthy foods for the community, and contribute to local farmers. 

Farmers Workshops
A series of regular (monthly or quarterly) farmers workshops designed to build and share capacity for local farmers to efficiently produce healthy, fresh foods by sharing traditional and contemporary wisdom. 

Family Gardens
Individual families and households develop home gardens to improve access to local, fresh foods. 

Community Advisory Board

All program activities are guided by a Community Advisory Board (CAB) in each participating community. Each CAB meets on a monthly to quarterly basis depending on the site to review program activities and provide direction and guidance on all Feast for the Future components. 

How to Develop your Own FFF Program

Visit our Get Started page to learn more about our different programs, how to initiate them in your community, and how to use our Interactive Guides that will walk you through setting up each program.

Also, download the Implementation Guide PDF which provides a comprehensive overview of the entire program and an in-depth explanation of each component. This will help you decide if the FFF program is right for your community, and how to decide which components would benefit your community and its members.